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Monday, October 19, 2009

Attn Vendors! Important info reguarding the gift review!





The time is just flying by and we've been all over SL evaluating applications, inviting designers and basically hunting for the hunt! The list is at 56 so far and we've still got a bunch of applications we're evaluating! If you know someone not the list that you think would like to apply, please let them know! A list of participating vendors is to the right, and the application is in the first post!


So on Nov 1st, we're going to start accepting and doing the preliminary views of the gifts like we planned, please put them together and send them to Alexoholhunts Carolina. The hunt will be in order of when they were 1. received and 2. approved after that date! Please remember this review is for the sake of the hunt, and your and everyone else's store. This shouldn't be a problem as many of you have been trying to give us gifts all this time but remember :) Not until 11/1! :)

****Please fill this portion out on a notecard and submit it with your gift to AlexoholHunts Carolina after 11/1



Mkay! Please fill out the following:

Store Name:
Description of the Gift:
Texture of the gift (for the blog):


As the gifts are accepted, we'll be putting them in the blog, getting that out to advertising groups, other bloggers, etc. We may have a preview board at Alexohol or some other locations as well for the gifts!

That's about it for now! We're really looking forward to a great hunt and please IM any of us if you have any questions!

Thank you!

AlexandraM Guisse
Kylie Krell
Monroe Constantine
Abriel Pleides

Sunday, September 20, 2009

**Attention Vendors**

We have decided to have a group for the vendors, "The Heat Wave Hunt Vendors" Group. If you would prefer to have notices by groups, please accept the invite when we send it to you. You are still free to use the subscribe-o-matic, but please use one of these methods!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Heat Wave Hunt Vendor Information!

Alexohol Fashions, Serendipity Designs, and A.P. Inc Proudly Present--The Heat Wave Hunt!

The Heat Wave hunt is taking place from January 15-February 15, 2010


We present you the Heat Wave Hunt. With this hunt, we present you the opportunity to participate in what we hope to make a quality and successful hunt, increasing traffic to your store, and exposure grid wide.

In order to accomplish this, we're going to have a different sort of application process.

Before applying, please make sure you read this process and understand it. By applying, you agree that you have read this and are willing to go through the process.

For the hunt, we will be looking for quality shopes that will bring something to this hunt. This does not mean only big or well known stores will be accepted, as well known shops will not have preference over smaller ones. Rather, we want shops that are unique, talented, and something that all shoppers in SL should visit!

Here is a run down of the application process:
1. Fill out and return the Heatwave Hunt Application

2. If you are accepted, you will recieve a vendor pack and acceptance notice, with further instructions reguarding the hunt

3. Once you have been accepted, your hunt gift will need to be reviewed and approved. Why are we doing this? (please see below section)

4. Once you have submitted your gift, it will be reviewed. Upon review of your gift for quality, you will recieve your hunt number and hunt object. ****We will be ordering the hunt based on the order of gift approval*** Therefore, it is to your advantage to have your gift approved early. If your gift is not approved, we will ask you to improve it and resubmit.

We, as organizers, feel that this process will help to ensure quality gifts that people will WANT to hunt for. We plan on also promoting the hunt in several ways, and submission of gifts will help us to do this. Please read the explaination notecard for more details.

If you have any questions reguarding this hunt, please contact one of the organizers! We hope you will join us in our mid-winter Heatwave!

Thank you,
The Heat Wave Hunt organizers

AlexandraM Guisse, Kylie Krell
Alexohol Fashions owners

Monroe Constantine
Serendipity Designs Owner

Abriel Pleides
A.P. Inc Owner

Heatwave Hunt Blog:

****Why do we want you to submit gifts for approval?****

As organizers, we are asking for gifts to be reviewed early for several reasons.

Firstly, we want to ensure that all gifts are quality items that SLers will WANT to pull out of their inventory and wear/use on a regular basis. People don't like hunts because their inventory becomes cluttered with things they'll never use again. We hope to minimize this by ensuring the quality of all gifts. We also want gifts that fit our "heatwave" theme. We want quality gifts to tempt everyone to participate in the hunt, as well as to prevent hunters from stopping the hunt before they get to your store because everything so far has been crap, even though your gift may not be. When this happens on hunts, it hurts everyone involved, and we hope to minimize this!

Beyond quality control, this will help create a successful hunt, ensuring that all shops are prepared prior to the hunt. In addition, quality gifts will tempt more hunters, hearing friends brag about the amazing gifts on teh hunt. This will not only help the hunt as a whole, bringing us more hunters, but also you, as a business owner. More hunters=more traffic & more potential customers.

Lastly, we want gifts that we can showcase prior to the hunt to build excitement. We will be working on a hunt center where we can make the gifts available to bloggers so they can blog about your fabulous gifts and stores, building excitement in the SL community. We also want to promote the hunt and the *top notch* gifts in it!

We understand that this causes problems for some vendors. However, this will only relieve stress as the hunt deadline approaches, as well as help create a high traffic hunt that everyone enjoys. We realize this process may not be for everyone, and that is fine. However, if it is, we're really excited to have you!


Please Copy this information on a notecard, fill out the application, rename it HWH Application [your store name] and return to AlexoholHunts Carolina

The Heat Wave Hunt Application

Prior to sending this application, please replace [store name here] with your store name.

**Any incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be accepted**

Heat Wave Hunt Rules:

1. Please keep resizing of the hunt object to a reasonable minimum. We reserve the right to ask you to make your items larger.

2. Please keep us up to date on any store relocations, as this affects the entire hunt. Send new location lms or issues in a notecard to AlexoholHunts Carolina

3. If your object is more than 30m from the landing point or store entrance, please use hunt tracks.

4. Please abide by all instructions, and have your object placed and for sale no later than 1 week prior to the start of the hunt (gift should not be in it until the day before!)

5. We will be using the Gridwidehunt Hunt Vendors Group as our vendors group. As an alternative you can subscribe to our group subscribeomatic, which will be set up later. You agree that if you are not in the group, you will keep updated via the blog or subscribeomatic.

6. If you have complaints about the application process, realize this hunt may not be fore you, as we are firm on this process. If you cannot abide by the deadlines, we will replace your shop with an alternative one.

*****Heat Wave Hunt Application*****

1. Do you agree to the terms above, and the application process?

2. Do you agree to submit your gift for approval at least 3 weeks before the hunt (exact date tbd)?

3. Store Owner (s):

4. Store Manager (s)/ Other contact people (If Any):

5. Store Name:

6. What type of items do you sell?

7. Please give a general idea of what your gift will be (you are not obligated to stick to this):

8. Store LM:

9. Store slURL:

10. Store Blog/Website (if any):

11. Please include a full perm texture of your store log, for blogging purposes

12. Would you be willing to help promote this hunt by sending notices to your group/subscribeomatic/list serv?

13. **Optional**: Would you be willing to help the hunt in another capacity? Please check all that apply:
__Promotion __Gift Review __Walk Through
__Helping Hunters __Other

14. Please rename this application HWH Application [your store name]

15. Return this application to AlexoholHunts Carolina. We will review your store and accept you to the hunt based on the quality of your store. Please allow time for us to process applications.

Thanks again!
The Heat Wave Hunt Team!